Gin Tour

A Tuscan Gin Experience…

Amid the green, Tuscan hills surrounding Cortona lies the historic Villa Ugo. Not only was a passion born here, it became a reality: Gin.

We now offer all operators in the sector and gin lovers the chance to visit us, to discover the authentic origin of Sabatini Gin. Guided tours of the company and tastings are available for one to learn where our peculiar botanicals, strictly Tuscan, are born.

This 360 degree experience will be a unique opportunity to surround yourself in the GIN SABATINI reality.

The 9 botanicals

Gin Room

The cocktail bar recovered from the Villa's old lemon house allows us to welcome our guests and to organise events linked to the mixology realm, as competitions and master classes. Further, we named it the Gin Room and it serves as the perfect location for tastings with clients and friends as well.

The Botanicals' Garden

Wide tanks are now present below the Gin Room, where one will be able to see and touch the 9 spontaneous botanicals ( olive leaf, lemon verbena, thyme, sage, orris, lavender, wild fennel, juniper, coriander). These fine botanicals are at the base of the distillate. 

Opening Hours

The estate tour, which includes a tasting, must be booked and takes place on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. To book or receive more information email