2017: a successful year for Sabatini Gin

Monday, 27 November 2017

2017 was a successful year for Sabatini Gin.

We have obtained significant recognition at international level from the International Wine&Spirit Competition: Sabatini Gin was awarded with a Silver Medal like SPIRIT 2017 (Judges’ score: 80 – 85,9)  and with Bronze Medal for the BEST PACKAGING- Quality Award 2017.

The International Wine & Spirit Competition was found by the wine chemist Anton Massel, who founded ‘Club Oenologique’ in 1969. Massel had the idea of creating a wine and spirit competition which was based not just on organoleptic judgement but where all entries also had to undergo chemical analysis. The original aim of the Competition was to award excellence to wines and spirits worldwide and this aim remains the same today, encouraging recognition for quality products.

Entries into the Competition are received from nearly 90 countries worldwide and each sample is judged according to its class and treated with the same care and consideration in the Competition’s dedicated tasting premises. The Competition have also a dedicated tasting premises, a permanent onsite cellar and over 400 global experts judging products for 7 months of the year. Judges are selected for their knowledge and experience, and in order to ensure that products are evaluated fairly and with consumer expectations in mind, qualified and knowledgeable consumer judges work alongside MWs and prominent trade judges.

Another big result for the Italian spirits is the Sabatini Gin’ Bronze Medal by the Hong Kong Wine and Spirits Competition 2017 from Cathay Pacific. Cathay Pacific- Hong Kong International Wine & Spirit Competition has been the guide to quality international wines and spirits for the booming Asian market. For nine years that important competition is designed and run by the most influential figures in the Asia and international wine industry, judged comprise Asia’s top industry experts - including 4 Masters of Wine from Japan, Singapore, India and Hong Kong, leading F&B professionals, wine educators, importers, critics and journalists.

Collecting these prestigious awards futher motivates us is investing in the quality of our Gin.